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DfT launch consultation on South Eastern franchise

June 21, 2012

The Department for Transport have launched their public consultation on the next South Eastern franchise – you can find it here:

My ongoing lobby for the South London Metro network continues (see previous posts) and I will respond calling for the Metro services to come under a South London Metro franchise.  The relevant services would be the Metro routes to Dartford/Gravesend/Gillingham/Hayes on the North Kent lines, plus the Metro routes to Orpington/Sevenoaks via Bromley South.

These routes for South London Metro are merely those currently in the South Eastern franchise – i am lobbying for South West, Southern and FCC to all come within the South London Metro network (see previous posts again!).

A reminder of the South London Metro principles and benefits are:

– regular, frequent services (minimum 4 tph and at least 6 tph on key sections)

– A Metro map akin to the tube map, but also adding the SL Metro network onto the tube map – equivalent to the Overground services

– a new, standardised fleet of electric trains with some tube style features, more doors, air con, audio and visual passenger information (presuming 5 car sets, completely open through carriages to maximise use of space; usually running in 10 car formations)

– all branding, ticketing and information integrated into the TfL style and feel

I would of course welcome any support and if people do respond that they consider this proposition in their response!!!

Good luck!

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